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LaRee's private collection of "Victoriana" began in 1974 in Missoula, Montana. All fashions shown are authentic, many accessories are featured in her book, “Ladies Vintage Accessories.” She had membership in The Costume Society of America, is a charter member of the National Women's History Museum, and is active in local museum and arts projects in Astoria, Oregon.

LaRee Johnson Victoriana Nostalgic Fashions

About LaRee Johnson

Her collection, numbering in the thousands, dates back to 1811 and spans from Aprons to Wedding gowns. Although preserving this beautiful art form is her main purpose, it is also a special pleasure to share the contents of her closets and trunks with others through "Nostalgic Fashion Presentations,” which are entertaining, but also educational, including the importance of documentation and preservation.

LaRee has used her extensive collection for:

  • Museum exhibits
  • Fashion History workshops/seminars
  • Special events, Promotions, Teas
  • Convention Programs Fundraising events for Churches, Schools
  • Residential Retirement Facilities

These authentic fashions weave a social legacy with a rich cultural heritage, reflecting the changing image and role of women during the last 2 centuries. You are invited to step back in time… with a selection of programs:

Artists In Aprons: A presentation which recognizes the artistic value and beauty of women's handwork a they spin, weave, sew, knit, make lace, embroider, design, and create art, all the while performing the work of their home. A variety of 40 -50 aprons used for such duties as cleaning, child care, gardening, serving tea, will be displayed along with "Artful" needlework. Authentic examples discussed and shown, aprons can be modeled by willing guests.

Hats alaMode: Enjoy the history and enchantment of the wonderfully outrageous to the charmingly chic headwear women have worn, with authentic examples dating back to the mid-1800's. Whether bonnets, berets, boaters, bejeweled or brimless, chic or silly, guests are encouraged to wear hats.

A Woman's Worth: A presentation based on the purses, handbags and reticules women have carried for the past 150 years. Includes the history and display of authentic early tiny "miser's bags," metal mesh bags, glorious beaded bags, compact bags, plastic purses of the 50’s… Examples shown, and can be carried by volunteers of your group.


Tea Manners and Mode: The history of tea, including the manners and fashion worn in the early 19th century. What would a proper lady would have worn? And why is the ritual of tea is not only refreshing to the body but also the spirit? Women shared their art, while most likely instigating social change.

Hanky-Panky: The social role of a little square of fabric, from mourning to evening, hankies for tears or for flirting. They serve for “show or for blow,” and can be beautifully embellished, or plain and sturdy. Almost 100 examples, shown in acid free sleeves for an up close, and personal look!

Amazing Lace: Stitch by stitch, and thread by thread, lace is that beautiful embellishment added for nothing more than to beautify. Lace has a rich history, a women's art and often a peasant's means of making a living as a cottage industry. Lace examples from handmade to machine made, in acid free sleeves, with various types of lace & lace garments on display. (photo, fashions on a stage)

Living History Program: LaRee, in authentic period fashion, takes on the persona of Abigail Scott Duniway, a Northwest suffrage leader and first woman to vote in Oregon.

About Amy McAuley

Amy has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Oregon, one year of post baccalaureate work in architecture at Portland State University and 17 years of on-the-job experience in historic structures.

Her emphasis is in working with traditional tools and techniques to conserve and build sash for historic structures.  In Oregon she focuses on 19th and early 20th century buildings.  She has demonstrated widely across the US and in Canada. She also teaches yearly at the Pacific Northwest Field School run by the University of Oregon.

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