Deann Holtz Custom Framing Specialist

With nearly twenty years of hands on experience in the art and custom framing industry and a lifetime of feeding my passion for design, color and textiles, I am distinctively qualified to create masterpieces of display. Custom framing is a craft with all of the challenging characteristics of any other craft.


Best Workmanship And Materials

An experienced preservation framer utilizes quality conservation materials and techniques to create a protective display for delicate historic memorabilia and artwork. I recognize that while the framed contents are extremely valuable to my clients, the end product is not likely to hang in a controlled museum environment. Displays must shield against the damaging effects of light, temperature and moisture. The framed article should be secured in a non-invasive, easily reversible manner yet be strong enough to withstand rough handling and storage.

Know Experience When You See It

Depending on the restoration needs of the a project, I have established a professional relationship with conservation specialists in Portland and across the country.  If a client desires the home or office presentation of family heirlooms, personal memorabilia, or high valued works of art, I have acquired the in-depth knowledge of frame crafting, mounting techniques, archival materials and glazing options to safely display and preserve life’s treasures. At the minimum, my design and crafting approach provides the client with an investment that will bring visual pleasure for generations to come.


"Framing art properly is a crucial part of its visual success. Deann has the requisite sense of color and proportion--as well as the creativity and patience—to guide you to realize a work's full potential. I have always been pleased and excited to have our artwork presented so beautifully when it is displayed in our home.”

— Jane Sylvester

“Thank you so much for the care and diligence you took in reframing the photograph of Mt. Hood for my office. You really demonstrated what a quality operation is all about. Your care and professionalism and the time you took to get it exactly right really shows. Yours is truly a class act and it's a pleasure to have a business of such high quality in our neighborhood.”

— Jane Peterson

“Various shops turn needlepoint into pillows; very few offer to frame them. Only one designer, in my opinion, does the latter as it should be done: Deann Holtz. Her artful framing greatly enhances my work; through time consuming, labor intensive blocking, an extensive  knowledge of frame and mating options, and finishing with the highest quality preservation glass. Her work is unequaled this side of a major museum.”

— Arthur Henry

Contact Information


Prior to her interest in custom framing, Deann spent many years assisting individuals, groups, even whole communities, to clarify their needs, visualize the end result, and define their route to success. Her skillful application of the tools and techniques of facilitation are extremely valuable when assisting customers in the design phase of a custom framing project. In 1995, Deann decided to expand her creative skills by learning the art of custom framing. She trained with some of the best in the industry, took guidance from the specialists, and ultimately found herself in the business of custom framing and fine art.

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