Elzbieta Osiak-Heise Painting Conservation Studio

Elzbieta Osiak-Heise is highly skilled in the conservation of easel paintings, polychrome sculpture and wall paintings. She works for private clients, small museums and corporate clients, as well as on historic homes. She received a Masters of Fine Arts from the Conservation Department at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland, and has followed her passion ever since.


A True Professional

“Working under her professional affiliation---Painting Conservation Studio---Elzbieta Osiak-Heise has conserved, repaired, and restored numerous valuable paintings for the Pamplin International Collection of Art & History.  Most recently, she restored a Guido Reni painting. Elzbieta's work is of international quality. She is precise in her estimates for work-to-be-done, she returns work only after she believes it has met her stringent standards, and she follows up with a thorough report on what she has done.  Her work is exemplary and the Pamplin Collection recommends her without hesitation."

 - Chet Orloff, Co-Manager, Pamplin International Collection of Art & History

“Elzbieta Brings the Life Back into Paintings. I was introduced to Elzbieta through Nancy Thorn of Gold Leaf Restoration. Elzbieta has taken numerous paintings in various states of disrepair and has beautifully restored them. The work she does is meticulous, and the end result is utterly amazing. My art work is a very important part of my life, and I would not entrust anyone else with my paintings. Elzbieta is the absolute BEST in her field."

- Karla Pearlstein, Restoring History

A Lifetime Passion

“Elzbieta Osiak has worked on a number of restoration projects in my collection, both oil paintings and Russian icons.  Her restoration of a 17th century baroque image painted with subtle glazes creating a night lit scene gave me the centerpiece of my home.  Her talents certainly include the tempera techniques used by traditional icon painters.  Her dedication to quality and her care for her projects has kept me a customer of her skills"

- Paul Conn

"My business relies heavily on being able to compile the right kind of 3rd party vendors to get transit claims resolved.  My single most reliable vendor is Elzbieta and her Painting Conservation Studio.  On countless occasions I've brought paintings to her in the hopes they could be fixed and restored.  Time and time again, Elzbieta has put her skills to work and exceeded mine, and my customers’ expectations.  She has a customer for life in myself and in my business."

- Mike Grimm, President, Weathersby Guild Portland

Contact Information


Elzbieta has a passion for her craft. A shortlist of her corporate clients includes Oregon Health Sciences University, Oregon Historical Society, the Pittock Mansion, Servpro and St. Mary’s Cathedral, Archdiocese Portland.

(503) 232-1358
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Portland, OR


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Elzbieta also has a website of her own, full of awesome examples of her work! Visit Elzbieta Osiak's website here!