About Amy McAuley

Amy has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Oregon, one year of post baccalaureate work in architecture at Portland State University and 17 years of on-the-job experience in historic structures.

Her emphasis is in working with traditional tools and techniques to conserve and build sash for historic structures.  In Oregon she focuses on 19th and early 20th century buildings.  She has demonstrated widely across the US and in Canada. She also teaches yearly at the Pacific Northwest Field School run by the University of Oregon.

Mimi Near Mimi Near Mosiacs

Beauty, Creativity & Craft

Mimi Near was 13 years old, traveling with her family, when she first saw ancient mosaic art in the great cathedrals of Europe. In those moments, she knew she would pursue the art form with a passion. Her Portland-based studio now produces Architectural and Fine Art Mosaics for residential, commercial and public spaces throughout the country.


About Mimi Near

Mimi creates from her heart, often influenced by her profound love of the natural world. She collaborates closely with clients, exploring ideas through concept sketch and color studies, to find the most dynamic expression for their space.

Early in her career, Mimi apprenticed under her father, a master tile contractor and craftsman. The experience provided her with invaluable technical skills that pair perfectly with her creative approach. Her now 30+ years of experience as a ceramic, glass and stone tile contractor and mosaic artist provide practical insights that help make every project a success.
Mimi travels often to find fresh inspiration from the ancients and to teach mosaic workshops, while continuing to push the envelope of her art form.

A Passion for Architectural Mosaic
Although Mimi has produced many Fine Art Mosaics for walls and installations for public places, she is most animated when collaborating with architects, designers, other master craftsmen and homeowners on residential and commercial projects.

Mosaics are paintings for eternity. — Giorgio Vasari

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Mimi Near also has a website of her own, full of awesome examples of her work! Visit the Mimi Near Mosaics website here!