For over 30 years, Gold Leaf Studio has been at the forefront of bringing the medieval art of gilding into the modern age. Gilding, which is the painstaking application of a thin metal “leaf” or film to a wide variety of surfaces, is often valued for reasons of historical accuracy, as well as the uniqueness it imparts to modern objects.



Gold Leaf Studio is the architectural gilding business of Nancy Thorn, a master gilder that has served clientele worldwide since 1980. Based in Vancouver, Washington, Gold Leaf Studio has demonstrated the technical expertise, problem-solving skills, and project management abilities to succeed on even the most challenging of projects.

Large scale projects are a particular specialty. From capitol domes to cruise ship sculptures, from statuary to historic mansions, Nancy Thorn and her team have helped make modern-day gilding a relevant, doable, and tremendously exciting application in many environments.

Nancy is well known for the scope and quality of her many large scale architectural gilding projects. For many years Nancy assisted the internationally renowned sculptor Larry Kirkland, as well as other artists, in creating immense site-specific public artworks. Needless to say, with installations of several stories in height, and including literally thousands of gilded elements, Gold Leaf Studio's project management expertise has been crucial to successful outcomes.

Gilding historical private and public structures often entail gilding walls, ceilings, domes, and various exterior elements. Leaf types available for architectural purposes range from the traditional 23K gold to the new oxidized silver leafs and colored leafs. The combinations of patterns, textures, and colors in such leaf for surface treatments are virtually limitless; from antique bronze to highly reflective color. These options yield a variety of effects for walls, ceilings, and decorative elements; and can impart imaginative modern surfaces as well as faithful historical accuracy.

Gilding Art and Architecture Worldwide, since 1980


Nancy Thorn of Gold Leaf Studio works closely with interior decorators, artists, architects, craftsmen, and property owners to bring out the grandeur and sophistication that gilding can provide.

Whether it’s a conservation, restoration, or fabrication matter you’ve in mind; get in touch with Nancy:

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