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Gold Leaf Restoration

For over 30 years, Gold Leaf Restoration has been at the forefront of bringing the medieval art of gilding into the modern age. Gilding, which is the painstaking application of a thin metal “leaf” or film to a wide variety of surfaces, is often valued for reasons of historical accuracy, as well as the uniqueness it imparts to modern objects.

A World Class Studio

“Gold Leaf Restoration is a world class studio. These people aren’t merely frame restorers; they’re artists, the kind you think of when you hear the words Renaissance, Baroque, and Classical. They can take the most abused, damaged, or recklessly restored frames and bring them back to life. Their artistry is commensurate with the art within the frames. I’ve spent 30+ years in the museum and art-collection business and I’d trust Gold Leaf Restoration with the most valuable of pieces. Plus, the staff is great to work with. They’re the best. No wonder they’re in demand far beyond Portland.”

— Chet Orloff, Director Emeritus, Oregon Historical Society; Director of Pamplin Collection; Adjunct Professor, Urban Studies and Planning, PSU; Principal, Oregon History Works; President, Museum of the City

Restoring To Original Glory

“Gold Leaf Restoration is amazing! I have what was once a beautiful large pier mirror that I inherited, but was badly broken and damaged. Nancy Thorn explained to me in detail how the piece was originally constructed and finished. I was impressed by the depth of her knowledge and interest in the historical integrity. She restored the piece to its original glory using all the original techniques and it looks incredible. Gold Leaf Restoration’s work is impeccable. All the service was coureous and friendly. The shop is worth the trip alone to view all the amazing pieces they have. Thank you Gold Leaf!!”

— swinspect via

Top Ten Old-World Technique Craftspeople!

“My clients thank you and I thank you for your fabulous restoration of antique gilded frames. As an Architectural Interior Designer the key to a successful project is one’s sources…you have made my list of the top ten of old-world technique craftspeople! In addition, I so enjoyed my two-day hands-on class…my frames hang prominently in my studio with a newfound respect for the detail needed to restore and create magnificent pieces of art.”

— Sachson Group via

Expertise Is Shown In Finished Product

“I have just picked up my hundred year plus picture frame from Gold Leaf Restoration. It is amazing the restoration they did on this frame. Their expertise shows in the finished product. I would recommend Gold Leaf to anyone who is looking for quality work at its finest. Nancy Thorn and her staff are very knowledgable and explained the process to me completely. They also educated me as to the history of this particular frame. With their knowledge and quality work I will without a doubt be returning to them to work on other projects for me. I highly recommend Gold Leaf Restoration!”

— windsweptwings via

Contact Information


We work closely with interior decorators, artists, architects, craftsmen and property owners to bring out the grandeur and sophistication that gilding can provide. Our full line of closed-corner frames and fabrication capabilities are especially helpful to customers. So whether it’s a conservation, restoration, or fabrication matter you’ve in mind; call us today at 503-236-2260 and see what we have to offer.

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 14867
Portland, OR 97293
Studio Location:
544 S. E. Oak St.
Portland, OR 97214


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Gold Leaf Restoration also has a website of their own, full of awesome examples of their work! Visit the Gold Leaf Restoration website here!