Electric Spaghetti Neon

Nigel Barnes

Electric Spaghetti Neon offers design and custom fabrication services for neon and hand-painted signage. Additionally, I offer detailed restoration and repair of vintage and antique items, specializing in illuminated signage. I have over 20 years of experience in the field of restoration.

Electric Spaghetti Neon blue garage sign.twin lightning, flash bolt, yellow neon.

Through my work at Electric Spaghetti Neon, I am dedicated to continuing the heritage craft of neon glass bending through making both new custom-designed neon signs and restoring vintage signage.

I can design and fabricate neon signs of any size or style, from a simple classic window-hanger sign for a small business, to a large outdoor pole sign, to a brand-new sign with elaborately aged paint and real patina that looks like it was made 90 years ago and that is made exactly like it would have been done in 1930. I draw upon the classic design styles of the 20th century to create new designs, including Art Deco/Streamline, Mid-Century/Googie, and vernacular roadside signage.

Over the years, I have overseen the restoration of hundreds of vintage neon signs, and have extensive experience in the restoration process. Attention to detail is paramount, and lighting them up again is a pure joy for me. Helping to preserve these artifacts is the reason I pursued the neon trade.

Neon played a very large role in the rich visual culture of the 20th century. The glowing magical light of plasma-filled neon glass tubes is like no other. Everyone can summon to mind an iconic landmark neon sign from their home town, from Las Vegas or Route 66, and movies & television are chock full of incredible neon signs of a bygone era. With the advent of LED sign technology, true glass neon is in peril, as the craftspeople who mastered this difficult craft are aging and retiring, and fewer younger people are taking the time to learn it.

Electric Spaghetti Neon cafe orange sign.
Electric Spaghetti Neon cocktail neon sign.
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joe's hotel neon signage.


Nigel Barnes
Electric Spaghetti Neon


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