Mike Edeen
Artisan Woodworks

Generations of woodworkers in my family preceded my own interest in
carpentry and cabinetry. I grew up learning about tools and techniques from my father in his garage shop. My interest in architecture developed in tandem and in time I had the opportunity to explore both sides of the built
environment. After years of working with other craftsmen, honing my skill, I began my own business, Artisan Woodworks. I have had the good fortune to work on many historic buildings as well as work with many other talented people with a passion for saving our material history for future
generations to enjoy.

Energy in Rejuvenation

“I have known Mike for about a decade, and he has worked on my own personal projects and those of my friends and clients. Mike has a thorough understanding of historic period design and building techniques, and is a exemplar craftsman. He does it right, and he does it right the first time. Mike is also very good at creative problem solving, so he is not flummoxed by challenging situations. He always seems to be able to find a winning solution that works for all concerned. I have told Mike that he can never move, retire, or die. It is just too difficult to find craftsmen of his caliber.”

— Karla Pearlstein, Restoring History LLC