Mimi Near Mosaics

Mimi Near Mosaic Studio | Living with Mosaic: A Personal Reflection

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Mimi Near Mosaic Studio: Living with Mosaic: A Personal Reflection

Mimi Near Mosaics

We’re pleased to share this very special presentation for Preservation Artisans Guild by member Mimi Near.

Preservation Artisans Guild members and guests enjoyed the chance to learn about this enduring and beautiful art form from a truly accomplished mosaic artist as well as experience traditional tools of the trade, hands-on!

Mimi Near was 13 years old, traveling with her family when she first saw ancient mosaic art in the great cathedrals of Europe. From that moment, she knew she would pursue the art form for the rest of her life. Her Portland mosaic studio now produces Architectural and Fine Art Mosaics for residential, commercial, and public spaces throughout the country.

Special thanks to Old Portland, Hardware & Architectural for allowing us to host this event in their wonderful Sellwood space!