Our Members Are Everything

PAG embodies the heart and soul of historical artifacts from around the world. We not only understand the art and attention to detail that went into the pieces to restore every day, but we feel the passion of the maker, and the level of care from people who made it possible.

David Schlicker

Stained Glass Studio has been in business for over 40 years. The studio’s work has covered an endless range of design themes and has produced windows for homes, businesses and churches throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Mike Eden

Artisan Woodworks has been in business for over 12 years. Mike has been honing his craft with other craftsman in his area, and has worked on many historic buildings and other works, passionate about preserving history for generations.

Nancy Thorn

For over 30 years, Gold Leaf Restoration has been at the forefront of bringing the medieval art of gilding into the modern age. They work closely with interior decorators, artists, craftsman, and more.

Deann Holtz

Deann Holtz is the owner of Portland Art Framing . She has twenty years of experience in the art and custom framing industry and a lifetime of feeding her passion for design, color and textiles, and creates masterpieces of display.

Steve R. Pancoast

Piece of the Wind is a wood carving/sculpting shop dedicated to the restoration/preservation of old and historic architectural and decorative items that are in some fashion related to the art of Old World wood carving.

Juno Lachman

Juno Architectural Glass, Inc., specializes in the design and production of custom or replicated architectural glass for both interior and exterior applications in commercial, residential and public settings.

J.R. Vanderburg

GKA Lighting, Inc. works on projects ranging in size from rewiring small table lamps up to custom fabricating large fixtures for commercial buildings. It’s a small company that gives personal attention to clients’ needs.

Ed Overbay

With a rich background in furniture making, residential design, construction, and project management, Ed and his talented crew have designed and crafted fine cabinetry and unique interiors in northwest homes since 1974.

Matthew Roman

Matthew Roman gained a profound understanding of the fragile nature of our built environment growing up on an antique sailboat. This experience also gave him a great appreciation for the beauty of thoughtful design.

Elzbieta Osiak-Heise

Elzbieta is highly skilled in the conservation of easel paintings, polychrome sculpture and wall paintings. She works for private clients, small museums and corporate clients, as well as on historic homes.

Karla PearlStein

Restoring History, LLC strives to bring back the heart and soul of a building that has been silenced through thoughtless remodels. After all, anyone can remodel, but to restore a historic building to it’s original period is to make it timeless.

Cynthia & Chris Allen

If you are thinking about breathing life into an old room, or creating a new space, consider how a special light from Allen’s Antique Lighting can enhance your project.

Joanne Mehl

I’m a fine artist specializing in portraiture as well as equine subjects. Much of my work is commissioned portraits of individuals, families and the animals they love; as well as scenes offered for sale by galleries or myself.

Robert Krueger

Robert Krueger is a fine art conservator, focusing on the preservation of three-dimensional objects including ceramics, glass, fine art and decorative objects, monumental sculpture and architectural elements.

Lee Littlewood

Lee’s Better Letters is a result of the fine art of calligraphy hitting the real world of making a living. It all started as a one-man shop in the basement in 1972, it has expanded with a number of colleagues in an elegant warehouse space.

John Greer

John Greer Landscape Maintenance has been caring for gardens in the Portland area for over 30 years. Our specialties include the maintenance of a wide variety of garden and landscape types.

Scott Sidwell

Scott Sidwell designs, creates and repairs custom lighting and other metal objects from clocks to sculptures. He is a master of metal work. He has been creating light fixtures for more than 30 years.

Rachel Hibbard

Rachel Hibbard creates considered designs that enhance architectural features in both private and public settings. Learn more about Rachel on here at Preservation Artisans Guild.

Mitchell & Katie Powell

MPF Conservation combines decades of hands on practice, specialty training and extensive study with an ongoing commitment to understanding new information and treatment techniques.

Amy McAuley

McAuley is the owner of Oculus Fine Carpentry, Inc. Started in 2002, Oculus specializes in the conservation of historic windows and doors. Her emphasis is in working with traditional tools and techniques with historic structures.

Sorin Ghiea

At the Sorin Ghiea Tile and Stone, our vision is simple: To bring you a world of unsurpassed artistry, craftsmanship and quality in a variety of unique designs, superior materials and timeless styles.

Bo Sullivan and Gwen Jones

Bolling & Company is the country’s singular source for rare, surviving, museum-quality original American wallpapers from the 1880s through the 1930s. Click here to take a closer look at Bo and Gwen’s work.

Frank McGinness

Frank delivers art on a consistent basis, from projects as intimate as a powder room, to the restoration of the walls of a state capitol building and finishing a cabinet that housed the Magna Carta, with a strong scientific and technical background.


With a passion and spirit for preserving the stories of old, Don Harding truly excels in his knowledge of the woodworking and window making craftsmen of the past.


Jeffrey has repaired, reconstructed, and hand polished everything from historically important tankards, tureens, and tea services to inexpensive disposal-damaged and dishwasher-dulled flatware.


Terra Goodman is an appraiser offering an array of professional appraisal services ranging from fine art insurance appraisals, to probate, divorce, as well as general household furnishings.

Jack Bookwalter

Jack Bookwalter serves as an Architectural Historian for the Preservation Artisan’s Guild. His depth of knowledge and experience is reflected in his articles in the Guild on-line library and future education program development.


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